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An information channel (bot) in the Telegram messenger has been put into operation in the Minsk region, for automated informing of citizens about works and accidents in the field of housing and communal services.

The created Telegram bot allows you to:

any citizen should enter a specific address in a locality and receive information messages on his mobile phone about all planned and unscheduled works, including accidents related to the termination or deterioration of the quality of housing and communal services (along the entire street or at a specific address), planned and actual completion dates;

in automatic mode (without the need to contact the Contact Center by the short number 115), find out the timing of the planned switching on (off) of heating in the autumn (spring) period, as well as the timing of switching off (on) hot water supply in the summer at any address in the Minsk region.

The source of information for the operation of the Telegram bot is the unified database of the republican Internet portal "My Republic 115.bel" and the automated system "dispatch service" is part of it.

Using a Telegram bot allows you to quickly inform citizens about key events in the provision of housing and communal services, without the need for phone calls to the short number 115, reducing the load on the contact center itself, especially during "hot periods" (turning on/off heating, hot water supply), freeing Contact Center operators from conducting consultations and reducing the waiting time for answering calls.

Currently, the specified Telegram bot is available by login @bel115robot in the Telegram messenger, and contains the necessary information on the provision of housing and communal services.