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  The animated series "Team 99" simply and fascinatingly tells children and adults about how important it is to protect the resources of the Earth, take care of nature and how separate collection and recycling of waste helps in this.


The heroes of the animated series are raccoons beloved by many, sorting paper, plastic and glass. In "Team 99" – yellow raccoon Lemon, green raccoon Kiwi and raccoon girl Blackberry. Every working day, Team 99 is an interplanetary–scale task. Brave raccoons go to meet dangerous monsters that were formed as a result of improper sorting and waste disposal. The heroes of the ecological detective save the inhabitants of various planets and share their knowledge with the audience.

In the first episode of the cartoon "Paper Commotion" raccoons save the Green Planet from disaster and show how to properly handle paper waste.

In the next series of the cartoon, we are waiting for fascinating stories about waste glass, plastic, old household appliances, as well as dangerous batteries and mercury-containing lamps. In order not to miss new episodes, subscribe to the Youtube channel Target99 Belarus .

All episodes of the cartoon "Team 99" can be found in the playlist